We FINISHED the $100,000 PC! – 6 Editors 1 CPU Pt. 5

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After all the kinks have been worked out, we finally build and watercool the 6 Editors 1 CPU PC – let us see if it works!

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  1. My phone overheated just by watching this video.

  2. Yeah, but can you get solitaire on it ? ???

  3. Still prefer Mac 🙂 But Your machine is awesome 🙂 Great work

  4. @Linus dont touch electrical when its power on. Give me address I send You ir Thermo 🙂

  5. Spoiled kid: Gets 100k computer

  6. Hey this is already obsolete…

  7. I rather buy 100 apple monitor stands

  8. But can this run Runescape?

  9. Adamkickface 377

    the only reason I would even want a pc like this would be for the novelty and it is probably one of the most powerful pc’s in the world so that to 🙂

  10. But can it run fortnite?

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