The toddler update for The Sims 4 is formally out!!!

Read the patch notes! https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims/the-sims-4/news/update-03-14-2023

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  1. Newborns usually don’t have their genetic eye color. The melanocytes respond to light and the color changes over the first year of life.

  2. times like this im glad im a console player seems like a lot of pc players had issues with lost games

  3. Congrats for getting on the trending page!!! <333

  4. I think the EA app crashed. I couldn’t sign in either, and when I could, my library was wiped. I went back a few hours layer and it was resolved.

  5. Does it happen to anyone that the home box does not appear on their sim’s cell phone? I’m the only one?

  6. I feel like too much infant game play isn’t base game and is pack only. I’m also disappointed in not having a changing table in base game. The changing table and all of the actual infant game play being locked behind a paywall is really frustrating.

  7. I opened the ea app before school on update day so that it would save me some inconvenience when it comes time to update it. But I didn’t realize that it would save me from a mental breakdown too😅

  8. I’m not able to play because over 15 different mods I use broke and I’m also waiting for infant cc but but I’m so excited once I finally can they look sooo cute 😭

  9. Pretty sure you could always gain those skills as a kid, but you had to max out creativity, mental, motor, etc.

  10. I’m so excited for this update and super excited for the pack but God am I scared to do the 100 baby challenge

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