We Explored an Abandoned Dam Underwater! (You Won’t Believe What We Found)

Have you lost something underwater and would like for me to find? Send me an e-mail depicting what you lost, when you lost this item and even how long ago you lost it. Please keep in mind I acquire quite a bit of e-mails. Only send an electronic mail if you really need my help. E-mail me at: FindMyLostValuables@yahoo.com

We Found a Pistol Underwater in the River!
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Found Jewelry Underwater in River While Scuba Diving for Lost Valuables!
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We Explored an Abandoned Dam Underwater!


  1. Drop a thumbs up for more diving videos!! <3
    PS, that turtle scared me so bad! haha

  2. Hysterical.

  3. Reelin with Remi

    He wasn’t cleaning the water he needed ketchup for his hotdog 🌭 and French fries 🍟 😁😁😁😂

  4. Y’all arw funny me and my dad were watching y’all and laughing keep up the good content 👑

  5. That was cool just because it was so different. I had no idea ketchup packages grew underwater like that!

  6. Brandon Schuler (Student)

    I would have tried to catch so fish

  7. 6:58 how did they just get out of the water and his hairs still dry?????

  8. Brandon Schuler (Student)

    I would have tried to catch some of those fish

  9. Wold River in New London Wisconsin!!

  10. 4:45 that’s gonna be a meme like in 2 months

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