We Exploded the AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D & Dissolved the Motherboard

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The most crowd pleasing failure mode is ruinous: Users have published pictures of erupted CPUs with blown-out motherboard sockets and dissolved plastic. We purchased those parts from the users to perform a failure assessment, then set forth testing our own AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D CPUs to look at if we could make them erupt. Spoiler alert: It worked. We were able to dissolve new AMD X3D CPUs in the socket of an ASUS X670E Crosshair Hero motherboard, but we in addition discovered severe BIOS insects in Gigabyte’s BIOS. SOC voltage is not the only concern, here. It is in addition poor OCP implementation on at least the ASUS board we used, plus a mixture of the erosion of thermal and over-current protections. As said in the video clip, no test of this type is totally definitive: These are complex concerns with functionally unending variables between users (and achieveable blunder), manufacturers, BIOS versions, and AMD itself. As such, we can only speak to our findings in some instances — but we have some that do point to specific issues.

We killed 2x 7800X3Ds and 1x ASUS motherboard, but we also had 2 failed CPUs and 1 failed board from viewers.

We’ve sent parts out to the same failure analysis lab we worked with in our NVIDIA 12VHPWR content – it’ll take a few weeks to put together.

Big thanks to Wendell at @Level1Techs – check out his channel!
Thanks to @der8auer for his guidance on delidding safely!
Check out Elmor’s super cool utilities: https://elmorlabs.com/

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02:11 – GN’s 15 Year Anniversary!
03:23 – The Story So Far
05:58 – Hypotheses & Plans
08:52 – Test: Low-Resistance Shorts
10:56 – Test: Accelerated Aging & Failed OCP
16:28 – DAMNING & How to Fix
20:04 – DELIDDING Exploded CPUs
24:48 – Wendell’s Voltage Differential Theory
26:14 – ASUS’ Wildly Overvolted EXPO
29:10 – Gigabyte, ASRock, & MSI ft. Level1 Techs
30:44 – Expo Isn’t Guilty
31:39 – Conclusion & Tons of Other Bugs


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Host, Testing, Writing, Editing: Steve Burke
Testing, Research: Patrick Lathan
Video Editing, Camera: Vitalii Makhnovets
Guest support: Wendell of Level1 Techs (linked above), der8auer, Elmor, lots of people we can’t name or who requested not to be named


  1. @YOBA MUST DIE! For what ? That they’ll eventually honour their warranty’s anyway if it’s only the product damaged.

  2. Glad the MOBOs had a 7 segment for diagnostic…

  3. This ASUS exploding motherboard BIOS with a 7800X3D and a 4090 with improperly inserted cable and a Gigabyte PSU that explodes when overloaded in an NZXT case. An ultimate nightmare build Building an ultimate explosive PC guide

  4. Ive been complaining to ASUS about improper voltages and such for the past year and a half to two years. Ive gotten stonewalled every single time and the situation passed to no less than 8 techs over 1 day. They literally just refuse to accept it and/or dont understand the issue. Ive literally begged for a SR tech that could understand to no avail.
    This issue goes back about 6 years, ive found through other various ASUS products. Ive owned 3MB and 1 Laptop and ALL have had improper overvoltages past manuf limits to the point their cooling solutions stop functioning as intended. My laptop LITERALLY burnt me after 30min of gameplay…. But thats normal they said. x’D

  5. The tech industry as a whole needs to be reset these kinds of technical mishaps are getting so far out of hand that they are becoming life threating sometimes. I am not just calling out AMD all tech companies past half a decade have been slipping more and more with quality control even if some are worse than others its still a problem across the board and needs to stop.

  6. Nice

  7. Long story short. AM5 7000 is quite similar to AM4 Ryzen 1000. It’s… a Release candidate release, more or less.

  8. Waffles Enjoyer

    common amd L

  9. intel is probably laughing hard now, fix your stuff AMD

  10. Here one should say that all 7XXX CPU`s and not only the 3D are affected. not even 1% or 0.001% is affected because it is simply a board read error. It’s a pity that Intel hasn’t always made such a story out of it since P4..

  11. so a fix for this the A620? who “should” block overclocking etc.

  12. One Issue Voter

    Everything in this video up to about 25:00 is horribly wrong and not “scientific”. And I don’t know who Wendell is but his statement at 25:00 is wrong too. If you put a previously exploded CPU back into the socket and crank up the voltage, or if the cpu explodes while doing something, you are going to get all kinds of current in the wrong places. Different voltages ARE isolated on silicon, there is no path between them except in some cases of analog supplies for special purposes. High power digital supplies are isolated (or chips would not work), and I doubt you have the equipment to measure the uA of leakage between them.

  13. what does the shirt look like from the back? i can only find a picture of the front

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