We Dug A Medium-Sized Hole

We dug a hole together, and things got peculiar.

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Special thanks to Tony Hale for not asking any questions when we asked him to be a part of this.

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  1. This is unironically incredible

  2. I can’t believe we’ve lived to be this old
    And somehow we have never dug this hole

  3. This is my favorite Rhett and Link channel

  4. That guy tailgating you is so distracting.

  5. This is the best content on YouTube…

  6. I actually love a nice rim on my hole! 🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. I have missed this!

  8. Only Rhett and Link can capture the drama of digging a hole…in the middle of no where…for no reason at all.

  9. Once Avonne A Time

    This is the right direction for your content

  10. This is incredible !

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