We Did Something Unpredictable

Watch Shane’s new podcast!

*Watch my newest podcast!

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Hope you have a terrific day!


  1. That cake looked soooo good! Also, Ryan, you look great with both earrings, I’m glad you finally did it!!! Now imagine some silver hoops 😉✨

  2. ICldBeYourMom Mom

    I need that mtv shirt 😍

  3. I think you guys should try boba! you might like it

    HappY BirthDaY Ryland 💝🐻🎈🎂

  5. Fluffy Lawn Gremlins

    Okay, the Balenciaga croc boots are actually a vibe, I never thought I would like a Balenciaga product!

  6. I like the two earrings!

  7. i’m so sad i didn’t get a notification. i literally have been rewatching yours and shane’s videos. i literally love how i grew up but watched you guys grow as well it’s so crazy lol. i grew too! we grew together😂😂. i love you guys!

  8. April Narducci | Website Designer | SMM

    aww it was so cute when shane said happy birthday and was genuinely happy to see you happy 4:45

  9. YES im so glad you went somewhere that uses a needle and not the dinky little piercing gun! Its so much better for healing and your piercing in general! Also Shane spoils you so much, its so endearing because he gets just as excuted about your gifts as you do, maybe even more haha

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