We Built a Greenhouse in a Geodesic Dome

our desire to eat organic produce grew strong after Bec’s cancer diagnosis so we knew we needed a greenhouse to manage our food supply 🌱 To get a 1 year supply of Vitamin D + 5 individual travel packs FREE with your first buy, go to https://athleticgreens.com/eamonandbec

This is part 2 of our greenhouse build in a geodesic dome…
A large thank you to Ben and the whole Arctic Acres team for the chance to build the most astonishing geodesic dome that we will be using as a greenhouse. Check out their domes here: https://arcticacres.ca/

0:47 are caught up!
1:05 insulating the side partitions
2:13 a SKYLIGHT?!
4:33 Day 4
5:00 painting the exterior
6:20 front door install
7:26 how to counter leaks?
8:39 Day 5
10:47 putting in fans
13:25 building the pool
18:16 Day 7: a familiar face is back
19:35 let us build some grove beds
22:51 the tractor catastrophe
24:38 planting our first seeds

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  1. Rotate your crops, companion plants and fertilizer

  2. Heather Scoggins

    Eamon had me in stitches 🤣🤣 dang that’s some great work… love you guys!!!

  3. Osso is adorable! How old is he?

  4. Absolutely love when you guys post love you guys so much.

  5. Watch Roots and Refuge utube channel. I think you would like Jess’s vibe.

  6. Costa's World of Music Memories

    Sunday is here and it’s the Eamon and Bec show. That has a nice ring. Could a sitcom be in your future. Love you guys ♥️ Harriet and I are so glad your
    feeling better Bec. Thank You for taking us along. Harriet, Jim and Yuki

  7. Cool video, love the T shirt worn for gardening, but Ooso is the best. Great having the pool.

  8. I have no advice. Last year i left a pumpkin sitting beside my porch after Halloween and this summer I have a mini pumpkin patch that’s growing pumpkins 🥰🥰 My mom is a firm believer in talking to and loving on plants and crops..

  9. I’m so happy to see your face Bec!! Love y’all so much! My Dad is going through terminal colon cancer, and at most probably has a few weeks left. Y’all give me hope and love. Thank you 😘

  10. Hey Hey We're The Merlys

    Ya know what — amazing job. You’ll learn about putting hay bales and logs in your beds to make up for dirt and how using Miracle Grow makes it NOT organic. Check out The Garden Guy or maybe Canada’s version.

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