we broke up

We broke up.. thank you for 7 astonishing years and supporting us through everything.

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  1. Love you guys no matter what happens I followed you guys on your separate channels I will love you guys forever

  2. it’s like i’m going through it with them, i’m sobbing.

  3. This is crazy to me. I thought you guys would be together forever and marry. I hope everything works out well for both of you in your separate ways.❤


  5. i am sending you both so much love, thank you for sharing so much with us 💖

  6. ♡ Creepy Karen ♡

    I’ve been watching you two since you started this channel 💔

  7. ♡ Creepy Karen ♡

    The ending took me out… maybe in a few years you’ll find your way back to each other..

  8. It was very shocking. I’ve been with you for 4 years. I was also waiting for your videos for a while i didn’t expect this will happen but I will be with you Always on your separate journey

  9. I’ve been going through a breakup we were together for 6 years he was my childhood best friend! I can totally understand you guys❤️ hold tight! Time heals everything ❤ stay strong you guys ❤ I’ve been going through therapy and I’m feeling better❤

  10. 1:32:44
    Mimir: “Careful! You are covered in Bifrost”
    Jack: “And they are covered in die-frost”
    Atreus: “Got em”

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