We Became Crime Scene Investigators

criminal activity boys solve criminal activity

Edited: me

Music used:
Incompetech – Kevin Macleod


  1. Yeah I’d hire them to clean.


  3. the actors are like npcs

  4. is there a part 2?

  5. Ok but when I got a text FROM MY BESTIE she said TwT you like tommyinnit. And I was like no I don’t like both Tommys they are both VERY LOAD. She went then who do you like. I say everyone in the dsmp except tommy

  6. Yeah new video! and YouTube did that to itself, unknown is most frightening

  7. Furiousteddybear Gaming

    For a moment I thought you guys were going to do a Breaking Bad reference in the thumbnail.

  8. Me wow 🎗️👑

    Props to the actors for staying character even tho Wilber and Tommy were being chaotic

  9. I loved this so much but I still have one question: WHAT TF WAS THAT?!

  10. Props to the actors, they were in character the whole time

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