We are the Washington Commanders

The future of Washington football is here


  1. I would have loved to go by an animal and wolves would have been soo perfect for our area but it didn’t happen

  2. It’s the Commies for short.
    Nice to see Putin finally got his wish, Commies in Washington 🤣

  3. Use me as a dislike button.


  5. hail biden!

  6. I’m a Jets fan yet this announcement still upsets me…Mainly because Washington fans deserve soo much better than this abysmal rebranding. It seems like fans all across the internet have more talent, awareness, and creativity than any of the businessheads who decided to actually greenlight this abomination. Sorry Washington fans, I’m not sure there’s an easy way to go about fixing this one….

  7. This is by far worse than “Football Team”. What a joke lmao

  8. Is the team going to officially respond to the fact that the vast majority of fans do NOT like the name?

  9. I think this isn’t just an example of how the NFL is falling apart, but how the world is falling apart.

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