We are the problem in Rainbow Six Extraction…

Check out R6 Extraction here https://ubi.li/W101p
This is the greatest Rainbow Six Extraction video clip ever. Speedrun, hints and tricks, all of the crucial info you need is here. No cap


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  1. So 20 mins of waffling on siege extration

  2. Thermite looking like giga Chad

  3. always a good day when marley uploads

  4. Marley shows a perfect teamwork when he really mean it

  5. Lone Kanne-Hansen

    Love watching you n the boys but always wanted a solo marley vid doing a puzzle game! Seeing you fume w yourself would be great

  6. Me being already done with this game watching this hurts

  7. A blast to watch, love the Marley videos ❤️🔥

  8. Marley the 🐐

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