We are in Europe Y’all

Louis, MO
August 03 – Chicago, IL
August 04 – Nashville, TN
August 05 – Atlanta, GA
September 28 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
October 01 – Bogotá, Colombia
October 15 – New Orleans, LA
October 16 – Houston, TX
October 17 – Austin, TX
October 19 – Dallas, TX
October 20 – Oklahoma City, OK
October 21 – Tulsa, OK
October 23 – Phoenix, AZ
October 25 – San Francisco, CA
October 26 – Reno, NV
October 27 – Santa Barbara, CA
October 29 – Los Angeles, CA
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  1. Uncle Jesse and the Rippers

    Seems kinda weird we’re like the oldest people going on this ride ?

  2. Hey guys
    Watch Russia smash a team 9-0
    Thx guys

  3. Ronja the kitty

    The moment when Jables face was as red as his jeans.. 2:23 *blessed*

  4. Jeremy's Movies

    Hey JACK!!! I saw you and Rage Cage at your first show in Wembley next to BTS. Came from France to see your amazing show.

  5. summerloveleigh

    Jables, I wish you and Foo were playing a show together in the states! I’m trying to save for rio in October, but das esssspensive. I’ll need to win the lotto!

  6. summerloveleigh

    Duuuuuuude I totally miss you

  7. Its only been 30 sec
    *Jack* : looks at the window, shows the street with moving cars and civilian minding their on business
    *jack* : yup , London is ready to rock.

  8. I missed the Crew Dinner! Oh Shit, Not a Good First Impresssh 😉

  9. WaysMissplaced

    Make the bong of destiny

  10. Copenhagen is one cool as hell city.. lived there myself for 12 years.. København ROCKS

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