WE ADOPTED A WOLF! w/ Sam, Colby, Corey & Jake

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Wolf Mountain Sanctuary (http://www.wolfmountainsanctuary.net/)

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About TFIL:
TFIL is a group of friends journeying the world seeking out once in a lifetime experiences & doing their best to help those in need along the way. We have gone on to accomplish 237 of 1,000 things on our list while visiting 6 continents & 15 nations.

TFIL is currently a 10x Guinness World Record title holding channel that has helped raised over $325,000 for various charities.

Starting on June 9th, TFIL will launch the first ever 100% non-profit, 501(c)3 Youtube channel, TFIL Films. Producing short length documentaries alongside various charities from around the world, TFIL Films will aim to not only raise awareness, but increase the education surrounding the various topics and produce a perpetual revenue source for the charities in which they partner with. For more information, visit our site ForSparta.Org

By donating 100% of the TFIL Film’s Youtube Adsense, encouraging direct donations and finding creative ways to do fundraisers, TFIL hopes to raise over $1.5 Million in 2019.



  1. WHAT SHOULD THE NAME BE? Comment “Tekashe” or “Tiffle” !!
    Please make sure to subscribe to the second channel! Youtube.com/eltoncastee

    If you want to support our Patreon, that would be rad! Patreon.com/TFIL
    Thanks errrybodddyyyyyy! TFIL TX vids start on Weds!


  3. What is next? We adopted a grizzly bear

  4. Nataleigh Cook


  5. Leticia Flores

    Tekashe ?

  6. Jaleigh Anthony


  7. TIFFLE!!!!!

  8. Mathew Leavens


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