Watch The First 5 Minutes Of Season 15 😱✨ RuPaul’s Drag Race

The very first four queens enter the Werk Room for Season 15! 🤩 Don’t miss the two hour #DragRace premier – FRIDAY at 8/7c, NOW ON MTV! 🏁

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  1. Roman Zaporozhets

    It means that thers gonna be like 3 or 4 introductory episodes

  2. Discrimination is absolutely ok when it comes to television entertainment because it’s all about what is visually appealing for the eyes…..Not everyone wants to watch overweight winded performers specifically if one is looking to be inspired beyond ones present physical self…..I would rather dream about looking like these 4 supermodels Then a bunch of miss matched weight girls who are all in unproportioned and mentally distraught or fat or in other words obese I mean full figured…… The fantasy here is looking like you have it all together when you really don’t and that’s what helps a lot of people fall asleep and wake up the next day fresh…. This new season is totally worth looking forward to finally someone did something right

    Scratch and sniff fragrance sample below

  3. So after RuPaul’s Best friends Race season 14, we’re finally getting drama this season? Now that is something I’m looking forward to watch

  4. Can we say Aura is the trade of the season?

  5. Pope With a Taco

    0 out of 10 tacos in the pope scale

  6. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  7. That was the most important 5 minutes of this year can’t wait for SEASON 15 !!!

  8. Gagged them a bit? For suUurEe.❤️‍🔥😌

  9. Aura looks soooooo hot!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 and marcia3 looks really really really cute 😍

  10. Rebecca Richardson

    I loved Marcia’s entrance, and it’s so cool how all of her drag is based on Marcia Brady. She has a very cool aesthetic.

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