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  1. Sarcastic Chorus


    • We love to see the turnaround from you hating it to where you are currently. So much content for you now <3

    • Feel like the episode also has quite a few implications and foreshadowing of certain events.

      If we make a guess of ‘hell years’ being around 10 humans years, and lets face it they are probably chronologically alligned with earth’s timeflow, stolas had technically been alive almost a century, and probably at the same rate the earth was spinning.

      For paimon’s case yea a shitty dad, but at the same time its entirely possible he literally had so fucking many kids. This would arguably be around the 1700s or so, if i am not mistaken. Maybe actually the 1800s if stolas had been alive for a hundred years already, meaning that Charlie will be born or has already been born. This seems to imply in a relatively recent turn of events, a loooot of kids were being had with the goetia and upper crust of hell.

      So yea maybe he literally has so many he can’t keep tarck of them…. The ars goetia has 72 named demons, and clearly there are plenty of unnamed goetia in helluva boss, what with Stella and everyone at the party.

      also Stella’s strange desperation to keep married to stolas is…. interesting to say the least. people keeping on saying she’s an abuser and she is but it seemed like her verbal attacks were not meant to ‘beat him down’, but actually do the opposite, get a rise and reaction out of him. Called him a stiff and pent up. She WANTS a reaction, him to get angry and stand up for himself.

      But when he finally did, it was fucking an imp and the declaration of a divorce…. And when he said they were finally going through with it, she actaully tried to strike him. Her eyes going wide seemed to be equal parts rage… and Fear.

      In terms of power, i don’t know how strong stella is but almsot certainly Stolas is a lot stronger than her so cleraly raising her hand was an act of desperation, cause she’d get bodied.

    • also another thing, stolas behavior towards imps is inspite not only being of a higher class but also vastly more powerful.

    • Also let me throw out a theory for ya.

      What if blitzo wasn’t stealing the book to start his business?

      What if he was stealing the book cause it was falling through and he needed a NEW path into the mortal realm?

  2. godzilla in arachnid form

    I don’t know how I felt about this episode, as a part of me liked it while a part of me didn’t. I liked the idea of Blitz and Stolas being complete strangers with no history and a professional transaction becoming something more, and Stolas and Stella’s relationship starting out as a love match slowly becoming abusive. I feel like adding in the tired childhood friends clich茅 took away some of the nuance of Stolitz’s relationship. I would have preferred it if they examined Stolas and Blitz’s childhood separately and then brought them together later on.

    Also, I’m not sure if this was only in my head, but I believed that a part of the reason why imps held a lower status in Hell was because of their shorter lifespans. Making Blitz and Stolas roughly the same age confused me, as I thought that Stolas, as an immortal being, would be a lot older.

  3. Sophiya-H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve

    i truly love this take. everyone is saying that this episode is retconning stolas’ classism, when in reality its reframing it, highlighting how blissfully ignorant he is because he doesn’t mean it, and is doing it anyways, upsetting blitz while he just has no idea what’s wrong

  4. It would have been an interesting twist/dynamic if Blitz was actually an assassin tasked to kill Stolas, whether that happened in their 25 year reunion or in the Striker episode. I was slow on the uptake, but I only realized that was why Stolas was slightly concerned about Blitz’s change of career while they were on the couch playing catch up. I can only imagine Stella put the hit on her husband after the affair.

    Anyway I’ll sink with this ship. I live for a good angsty romance.

  5. I love how a fling with boss wwith benefits joke has turned into something insane

  6. Tia-饾惞**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝饾挒饾挦 饾憖饾挻 袪饾憛饾煝饾惞饾惣饾惪袝

    I think an important thing about blitzo not wanting to steal is that he never said it was wrong or bad, he simply asked what would happen if he got caught. Im not saying he didnt think of it as a bad thing but considering how the show has portrayed hell and its social structure so far i wouldnt be suprised if the reason blitz was hesitant was only BECAUSE it was the Goetia family.

  7. “the end of Stolitz”

    Me: how DARE you. What do you think the rest of the audience will think?

  8. You kinda sound like blitz酶

  9. -[EMMA] H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve

    I think that consciously, Stolas has nothing against imps and does in fact see in Blitz as an equal. However, I think that there is a part of his subconscious that is discriminatory against imps and sees them as beneath him due to his classist upbringing. You can even see it during the childhood flashback, he says things like “oh is this an IMP game” or “YOU’RE going to hire ME?” Again, I don’t think Stolas is aware of it at all, but it is something that he should acknowledge.

  10. As much as i love watching how this dumpster fire of a ship goes thru its development, that one scene in the S2 teaser of (allegedly) stolas in a human disguise with blitzo on earth sorta destroys the suspense given to their currently crumbling relationship. We all know theyre gonna end up together but maybe make it a bit more exciting by making it vague? idk lmao

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