VR has reached a new peak.

Horizon Call Of The Mountain is exclusively on the #PSVR2 !
Check out the headset here: https://www.inflcr.co/SHH7H

Merch: https://theboys.store
Discord: https://discord.gg/eddievr


  1. Did you know you can actually revive Bob indoors with the medicine I will keep saying this until you actually try it out I don’t know if it is true but I still want you to try please

  2. And I mean the healing one not the sprinting one

  3. You should play gorilla tag with the boys

  4. I’ve never been more jealous in my life

  5. He did not just say what do I look like a monkey lololol🤣😂💀

  6. Blood of Jesus saves the blood of Jesus the blood of Jesus saves if we accept Jesus as our Lord and savior we come out of the law sentence at the Bible says we broken his laws and we need to be saved in the name of Jesus we need to be saved

  7. Play FNAF with it

  8. 12:50 that caught me off guard😭😭

  9. 15:37
    (Inserts key)
    (proceeds to punch the key repeatedly)
    Why key no work? 😂

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