Vocal Coach Reacts to BLACKPINK – How You Like That

Vocal coach Tristan Paredes responds to BLACKPINK’s comeback song & music video How You Like That mv from YG amusement record label

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  1. ” that’s stanky” cracked me up


  3. 👋🏻 I give you information about the kpop groups that you will love

    1. Cix – numb
    2. Too – magnolia
    3.Cravity -break all the rules
    4. Victon – howling
    5.Gfriend – fever
    6. Cherry bullet -hands up
    7. Dia -woowa
    8. Dreamcatcher scream
    9. Golde child – lucid dream
    10.kim woo seok – red moon

  4. I know you don’t react to them but Hwasa of Mamamoo just dropped a new mv and can you please check it out? She has amazing vocals, i swear i’m not just being biased, and the mv’s interesting ✌ check out the whole group as well..

    And please, your hair is beautiful

  5. Please react to Hwasa- Maria

  6. Can you react to adrian matthew? Pls.
    His cover of she used to be mine and waiting for life.

  7. ur haircut is so cuteeee

  8. Daniela Carlson

    he should react to Maria from Hwasa 🙂

  9. You should react to Jisoo others cover clarity ,Yuki no Hana and Sakura no . Jisoo is a very underrated vocalist and it’s very cool to see you give her the praise she deserve .

  10. Jansulu Orynbasarova

    please take off the reaction to the Korean show I can see your voice – *Mamamoo* with *Ninety one*
    *QPOP group NINETY ONE – “Bari Biled”m/v (This music video contains a deep meaning (about problems, about people) that they brought to us so beautifully and very efficiently, so please watch this clip and evaluate for yourself)*

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