visiting my HOMETOWN.. dios mio.. A LOT TO SPILL! | Louie’s Life

I moved out of Watsonville about a couple years ago and so much has altered. I have not really visited since I moved out. Mostly because there wasn’t much for me to do out there. But now that I have came back after a while, I realized how much i missed it. I had the opportunity to show my friend Adam around my city and take him to my old high school, my first home, my elementary school, the plaza, and so much. This is a long video but there is so much I wanted to show not only him, but you guys too!
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  1. not gonna lie… i was so nervous to go back to my home town🫣 LMK WHAT YALL THINK ABOUT LONG VLOGS🫶🏻

  2. Dasery Ballesteros

    Being from Watsonville!! I love seeing these vlogs I’m sad I didn’t get to see you!

  3. And i bet everyone that bullied you isnt nearly as successful as you! Love you louie i hate that you went through that but everything you went through made you the amazing person you are now ❤ im glad you didnt let them bring you down

  4. You ever go to el frijolito ??

  5. Ivan’s Papas Are The Best! 🤤😍🥰

  6. Not u guys staying in san jose 15 min away from my house 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

  7. I was dyinggg when I saw gizeeeleee😭😭

  8. hi louie

  9. Not me making fart noises when he was shaking ass at the end 🤣

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