Virginia Beach police chief describes ‘destructive’ mass shooting | USA TODAY

Police say a longtime worker opened fire in a Virginia Beach municipal building and killed at least 12 folks.


  1. Wow…another shooting…horrible stuff ?

  2. Charles Harris

    Olny White people do shit like this I told y’all

  3. Georgia Lynn Jones

    delores is not allowed around me ever. why she on internet? jodi arias trial,? g

  4. Georgia Lynn Jones


  5. He protecc
    He atacc
    But mostly importantly
    He shoot bacc

  6. America ??

  7. Dusk Golden Diamond Child


  8. Lars Honeytoast

    These things happen when people refuse to treat others like human beings.

    Yet we get the same “how could this happen!?” response every damn time!

  9. this was just a drill, I was there, it was last month they had it, how do u think Cruz camera man always seem to be there first then catching the ambulance and fire truck rolling in on the scene and the story always the same , bad guy got caught or dead cause the don’t want public to panic!

  10. Where are all these responsible gun owners? Where are you demanding responsibility through stronger regulations?

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