Vindicators 2: Rick Can Handle It | Rick and Morty | adult swim

The Vindicators are back. Except it is the past and they are all still alive. Prequel, baby!
Answer the Vindibeacon and join your old pals Supernova, Vance Maxiumus, Alan Rails, Crocubot and Noob Noob as they fight criminal activity, avert genocides, and yuk it up without any Rick and Morty. The Vindicators is executive produced by Erica Rosbe, Sarah Carbiener, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland.

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Vindicators 2: Rick Can Handle It | Rick and Morty | adult swim


  1. Everyone fine until… rick and morty……

  2. If anything they should be questioning the high number of white people in earth super hero teams. Since they are a minority on earth

  3. Captain Obvious

    Explain THAT to your husband.

  4. Mariya 0ver L!ve🔞

    Vance had an abusive father? That explains a lot actually.

  5. So they all know supernova is pregnant here but they have a big reveal about it in vindicators 3

  6. My favorite scene is where vindicators say “Its vindicating time” and start to vindicate people

  7. Yikes the race route…such humor

  8. Chaos "Onyx" Ritter


  9. “So because you got knocked-up, mazel tov”. Is Diablo Verde Jewish too? Man, they really did kill off all the diverse characters.

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