Villarreal vs. Manchester United: Extended Highlights | Group Stage – MD5 | CBS Sports Golazo

Villarreal hosts Manchester United in a 2021 Europa League Final rematch as both sides enter the match tied atop Group F with seven points.

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  1. I’m just glade I don’t have to hear ManU fans crying for Ole to get sacked

  2. Get out moreno get out

  3. Hey Chelsea Fan 👋🏾. Man U. should probably consider letting Michael Carrick take over? Completely different Manchester we saw this game.

  4. poor Juan. lol. Howcome he doesnt get minutes anymore? is he that bad?

  5. tHe nAtuRaL fReE hUmaN bEinGs

    two words… De Gea. Ronaldo playing well too…

  6. United got bailed out big time

  7. Part of me kinda feels bad for Ole because our defense is truly terrible and he can’t help that if it weren’t for De Gea here we’d suffer a worse loss this game than against Watford.

  8. its undeniable that de gea has been one of the best keepers of the last 10 years

  9. these goalies are insane

  10. 7:30…This is why United lose and Chelsea win. If Rashford passes to CR7, thats a massive power shot into goal for United. Instead, he selfishly shoots and misses. Now watch Chelsea vs Juventus and watch Hudson Odois goal. If that was United RLC wouldnt have passed

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