Videos I forgot I recorded.

i forgot i recorded most of these.
anyway, hey, here you go

next merch november fourth
perhaps some more random videos on this channel?


  1. please do good comments to fend off the bots they piss me off

  2. “11 milly to my name, all my friends are not the same, I can never come a-gain, ya ya”

  3. I’m the girl you zoomed in at 8:23 ahah. I met you at Twitch Con Amsterdam as well 🙂

  4. Just trying to watch this amazing vid and I get a Doug Mastriano ad 😔🗿

  5. Random clips like these are always comforting for me

  6. i am a robot, suck it tommy

  7. I just love the random videos of tommy, I don’t know why just the fun little clips ❤

  8. the kinda life i want

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