Video Game Sound

Giant thanks to my special visitor Michael Winslow!


  1. should have had him do Spinda’s cry instead of Charmander

  2. Even if it’s just a bit, someone out-Dunkeying Dunkey and hearing him get annoyed is absolutely hilarious

  3. DOTA 2 has the best multiplayer sound design. The sound design & music is so perfect that no DOTA 2 player would ever play DOTA 2 on mute.

  4. Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice has the hands down best sound design i’ve heard in a game on my audiophile setup. Worth experiencing just for that alone.

  5. Thrilling to see Dunkey allowing Michael here to announce that Knack is once again, Back.

  6. looking forward to part 2 – Micheal Winslow boogaloo

  7. 1:57 I lost it right here

  8. It’s really great to see black artists supporting black artists

  9. Hahahahahahaaaaaa thats firee

  10. Another Winslow masterpiece 👌

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