Video Editor Reacts to BLACKPINK ‘Pink Venom’

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  1. Why are they embarrassing k-pop , everything about this comeback was so shitty 😭

  2. Pink venom sucks

  3. черри берри

    Too much talking and paused 😒

  4. Nguyễn Hà Như Quỳnh


  5. I like this and copied song >A<

  6. خاطري اذبحه من كثر ما عاد المقدمه ووقف الفيد

  7. Tbh they overdid it with the zooms in and out and with the transitions to the point that it hurts the eyes

  8. I always watch his reaction to BLACKPINK’s MV… and I love how he analyze everything… and thank you bro, for point out Lisa’s forehead… yeah, she finally show it for the very first time.. Lmao… The drop in this song isnt that hard, not like previous songs, but they still nailed it… i love it have many rap lines, and welcome back rapper jennie, and I love the traditional sounds in the beginning, the indian song, the MV, the editing, the visuals, the make up and fashion.. its just perfect

  9. The one by one and two by two sounds familiar

  10. imagine what if YG has kept much better song for the title track better than this, I can’twait!!

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