Victoria 3 Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits

The adorable developers simply stated I had to challenge myself in victoria 3. Maybe the concept was that I would play the huge british empire or pruissia, maybe france or russia. But no today I am playing Jan Mayen the worst nation in the whole game! The game is effectively a victorian epoch mix of a mogul game like factorio and a war simulator like EU4. Today The Spiffing brit will be seeing if Victoria 3 is a faultlessly balanced game with no exploits!

The make the most used today is by becoming a protectorate of the russian market we are going to generate limitless cash! Victoria 3 is a stunningly balanced game that’s perfect for anybody hunting for a titillating strategy game.
We will take you through the basics of the game, guide you through the challenging battles of the economy, and show you how to beat the game! youtube search engine optimization, victoria 3 gameplay, victoria 3 обзор, brotato

title: Victoria 3 Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits

00:00 – Intro
03:08 – Establishing our economy
06:09 – Attempt number 2
08:43 – Infiltrating the Russian Market
12:07 – Business is Booming!
15:25 – How to Survive war with Russia
19:23 – Friends again
22.10 – Concluding our Communist Utopia
25:39 – Jan Mayen is a Communist Global Powerhouse
29:13 – Government Run Economy
31:18 – Outro & Thanks for Watching!

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  1. *A huge thanks to paradox for yet again being the greatest company to sponsor videos!* You can look at the game here:
    Anyway I hope you all liked todays video and if you want to see a VIC 3 Britain Secures the tea live stream then let me know
    Also because I could not feature it in todays video my current favourite vic 3 exploit is teleport hacks by double assigning troops to front lines. It allows you to literally teleport behind the enemy in a 1000 IQ move!

  2. So Tropico in Victoria 3…

  3. stop shilling for shit companies

  4. You know more how to develop European economy than the scumbags leading the EU.

  5. Spiff steals fabrics from Russia. Sails into the ocean. Paints his clothes and convinces everyone into communism.

  6. 0:13 woah woah hold up there ol chap! The terms you are looking for are “opening branch offices” and “diversifying business ventures”, none of this uncivilized “invasion” thing ok? XD

  7. This is the fuzzy testing that Paradox needs to make that AI better. 😀

  8. Your Friendly Neighbourhood Stalinist

    Ah yes accurate politics and economics of the 1800s. When the class struggle developed it was actually the king that created the laws for the establishment of the soviet republic and the capitalists had no influence in it, nor did they wage a counter-revolution.

  9. Robert Hammerling

    Jan Mayen forever

  10. 4:30 The British govt probably watched the England vs Iceland match and thought, wow damn, these little rock countries are dangerous! We need to put them down right now before it goes any further!

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