Venom 2 – Cosmonaut Quickie



  1. The problem with Venoms voice is all the synthetic bass they added. I caught a recorded clip on tiktok and he sounds great due to the tinny microphone.

  2. That carnage going through the computer thing is like a real ability of carnage lol which makes it even better

  3. Venom is obsessed with attention, and just gets thrust into a world where heroes are accepted. He is going to go after “Public Enemy #1”: Spiderman. He will also likely be the 6th member of the Sinister Six.

  4. can you react to the malignant?

  5. It’s a Sony movie. No one with any sense expected it to be good. Hell, I still haven’t seen the first one lol

  6. I’m glad to see that I can agree with Marcus sometimes. I find Venom to be the kind of bad movie where you go “oh you rascal, I can’t believe you got me to pay to see this.” and joke with your friends. it’s not Ant-Man and the wasp or OG suicide squad level bad by any means.

  7. God you are the most surface level person I think I’ve ever seen

  8. Wait the movie is already out? I haven’t seen anyone talk about it or promotional stuff or anything, wow

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