VELVET BUZZSAW (2019) Ending Explained

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Enter the high stakes and high dollar world of modern art in the fright comedy VELVET BUZZSAW, where it seems that newfound portions of art of connected or potentially accountable for an expanding string of mystifying murders. Featuring an all star cast led by Jake Gyllenhaal, Toni Collete, Rene Russo and John Malkovich this uproarious and grisly satire leaves us with many questions ultimately. Learn all about the film’s true meaning, the bizarre killer paintings, the artist behind them, and explaining the quite open finishing.


  1. Dude!! The video is titled “ending explained ” no

  2. Movie trash.

  3. I don’t know why, but you look like you’d be an awesome DM for D&D.

  4. What is there to explain? The ending used common sense and the theme that was used through the entire film. I’m baffled at what needs explaining.

  5. Deez? deez nuts

  6. 1) Morf saying “Exactly” at the beginning wasn’t about him making a mistake. He was saying that the artist was better while drunk, which is when he painted what Morf is looking at, while also making a dig at the artist’s more recent work and essentially saying it’s nowhere near as good after sobering up as it was when he was drinking. 2) I’d personally say this movie was like a 6/10. I found myself bored during some parts, and I was extremely disappointed and annoyed by the fact that literally every good scene from the film was shown in the trailer. I know, this is where you say “Just don’t watch trailers 4Head” but if I hadn’t watched the trailer I may never have even known this movie existed. The trailer itself was done very well and made me want to watch the film, but every death besides Rhodora’s was shown in the trailer. That’s just fucking stupid.

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  8. I died when he said just use a fukin crayon

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  10. I firzt saw this last night what i got from this movie is a Man who Paint paintings on his pain and Childhood pain people fine Amusement in it and it Made him angry and he Attacked every artist threw his art i loved it i just wish like how the ending was All the people who had the art it showed how they would die in the work they keep as like a warning to thwm.

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