VELMA Review: Overly Edgy & Meta (@RebelTaxi)

I’m Pan-Pizza driver of RebelTaxi discussing Velma on HBOMax. When Scooby is not on screen people gotta ask where’s Scooby?

0:00 Intro
0:30 There’s chapters in this vid?
2:00 I dunno what to put chapters for
4:30 Dang I wish I can finish Disgaea 1
5:00 Why level up multiple D1 troops?
5:30 Or Pokemon for that matter
6:00 Just level up 1 pokemon
6:30 Grind endlessly in Disgaea
7:00 I want a Prinny

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  1. Back with a Velma side mission. Working on a big Strange Colorful Dreamcast Games Vid. What Dreamcast games to cover?

  2. This doesnt feel like a Scooby-Doo spinoff, this feels like it was own show at some point but then warner or hbo said “oh thats cool now change the characters to Scooby-Doo characters “

  3. Rodolfo Rodriguez

    Remember that South Park episode where everyone who drives a hybrid car is a pretentious douche who enjoy the smells of their own farts

    That’s what people think meta humor is

  4. Jonathan Doe-a-than

    My question is why a grown man is so invested in this. “Fandom” is really creepy….what a waste of life. I’m betting the narrator is…..(obese)

  5. Making a dindu, racist as hell Velma is absolutely disgusting. If anything, Velma was a very intellect white woman. Stop black washing everything! CREATE YOUR OWN CHARACTERS!

  6. Your a hater, this show is goodn

  7. You can’t cover a Dreamcast console without including Sonic Adventure

  8. yeah dude i love disgaea but the grind is so taxing.

  9. I’ve been seeing so many people promoting Mystery Incorporated when talking about this show. I wonder if this will be like how Dragon Ball Evolution being so bad revived the Dragon Ball franchise 😂

  10. As a south asian woman, words can’t describe how much I hate this show and its forced representation. I’m gonna completely ignore its existence and bingeing mystery incorporated to cleanse my mind..

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