Vegeta’s Sacrifice (+ALTERNATE VERSION) | DBZA Buu Bits

Disclaimer: These were made for a video from Totally Not Mark!
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Nick Landis as Piccolo / Vegeta / Krillin
Simon Robertson as Majin Buu


  1. Y’all have no idea how thrilled it makes me to hear you celebrating the immense talent of our dear Nick “Lanipator” Landis.

    He gave everything for this scene, and as this project was a way for me to get closure with never doing the full Buu Saga? I’m just so happy this is hitting the notes like we wanted.

    Thank you all.

    • @punkghostsamurai  agreed 😄 gives me something to watch w/my Saturday lunch.

    • This is great, i would have only prayed this sparked a rekindling of your old work, i credit alot of the reason im still here to you guys, ive made friends out in the wild because of your content. You guys are an inspiration and a blessing, i miss the excitement of seeing a team four star video come up in my feed, please keep up the amazing talent!

    • @TheMuted93 not sure if you noticed but that was sarcasm.

    • I saw that question mark. All imma say is that there was a seven year skip in the story and its only been five years.

    • @Paul Catalano DBZ Abridged id the only reason I’m subscribed to them.

  2. Do you think he kept his clothes this time??

  3. Dude he said best buddy and it broke my heart in the first one

  4. “Best buddy” had me in tears.

  5. The Kakatot

  6. “best buddy”
    S’cuse me, just got something in my eye

  7. The ramifications of this video will either get my geek heart pumping, or break it.


  9. Stuff of legend.

  10. a man can dream tho…

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