Vanessa is Moving Out! – Merrell Twins

Nessa is getting ready to move out soon and we believed it would be fun to bring you people with us while we start packing up her room!


  1. Roni throwing out a bunch of things that nessa was like “NOO DON’T” and the asking “can I through this it says sorry my room is messy” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Surely she’s already married, I sense a wedding video in the near future !!!!! Eeeeee

  3. It feels like it was just yesterday when nessa and roni moved here and filmed the mermaids video 🥹🥹

  4. 3:21 HOW do y’all not know that im crying 😭

  5. I’ve been watching since 11 and I’m turning 16 in 3 months🥺💕Y’all were a big part of my life and still is..We love you!!! And Congratulations again

  6. You could give your shoes (to me hehe) nessa or donate them if you like.. your shoes are still in good condition though❤️

  7. nice video girls

  8. Shehara Senanayake

    Roni is twining with her mug 😂😂💜

  9. John and her together are the absolute cutest

  10. You should do the ‘donate, throw or keep’ boxes to make packing things easier :))

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