Van Life vs. Bus Life 24hr Swap – ft. Kara and Nate

Check out Kara and Nate’s Video in our Bus!
We interchanged our school bus teeny tiny home (skoolie) with Kara and Nate’s converted sprinter van for 24 hours!
Bus Life vs Van Life
Which did we prefer ultimately?
And which would you choose?

We’re Raya and Louis. After taking a break from journeying full time, we have embarked on our greatest adventure yet. We moved into a converted school bus and are doing one last epic tour of the U.S. before we drive all the way down to our land that we just purchased in an eco community in Costa Rica.


  1. That was fun to watch

  2. I get crazy dreams when I sleep somewhere new too.

  3. ShavylishusBoom

    I loved how both of you were feeling bad for each other and thankful for what they have got. I really love these channels who promote positive response. Loved it.

  4. 15k +subscribers with this Collab.Success++ Guyss!

  5. “We have a hose that lets you bypass the toilet and pee on the ground directly so you don’t fill up the liquid catch too quickly”. My kind of people.

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