Value Pack Games – Scott The Woz

Scott saves cash, time and space and could not be more upset.

Music Used:
“Graveyard” by Johnny Pearson
“Intro (9-Volt)” from WarioWare: Smooth Moves
“Ghost Town” from Sonic Forces
“Athletic Theme” from Super Mario Bros. 3
“Overworld” from Super Mario Bros.
“San Francisco Highway” from Rad Racer
“Final Match” from Nintendo World Cup
“Menu Theme” from Sonic Classics
“Danger Theme” from Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine (Sega Genesis)
“Underground (Super Mario Bros.)” from Super Mario All-Stars
“Overworld (Super Mario Bros. 2)” from Super Mario All-Stars
“Jungle Island” from Super Monkey Ball
“Windfall Island” from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
“Casinopolis” from Sonic Pinball Party
“Shy Guy Beach” from Mario Kart: Super Circuit
“Select Game” from Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort Combo Pack
“Main Menu” from Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD
“Select Game” from NES Remix Pack
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes


  1. “At that point did they really have to include Sonic Riders?”
    Hey, as someone who schlepped his ass through several shady sites looking for that damn ISO because I don’t like Heroes and I can get the rest of the collection legally, yes, they really did have to include Sonic Riders.

  2. 3 Ninjas/Hook Sega CD rocks!

  3. To make things more wacky and pathetic? Lmfao. Subbed.

  4. I had the Mario Kart DoubleDash + Zelda Collection pack in GameCube

  5. Yo Scott love ur review !! 😎👍👍👍👍

  6. Aidan Pitts Reborn

    Could have started with Kingdom Hearts, but ok
    YAY KH

  7. my mans really knocked down a bunch of Xbox 360 game with his feet for a skit

    man now i want that dedication


    How rare is the nes Mario stand alone

  9. 6-Pak is indeed an awesome bundle.
    As a kid, I put the game on layaway at Kmart. Paid it off over a couple months with my allowance.

    That day you finally got the game in hand was incredible.

  10. As a die-hard fan of several games that came out in bundle format, I must say, bundle format was for me.
    Poor, child-me only bought games from trade ins from other games I’d sold, and a $4 weekly allowance.
    So, bundled games, especially used copies, were my bread and butter.

    PLUS, also, several times, I’d buy a bundle, because of, say, 2 of 4 games included. If 1 of 2 random throw-in games is good, and I’d never heard of it, bully for me!
    PLUS PLUS, weirdly enough, the combo pack was often cheaper than the stand-alone game. (I assume because they were trying to gouge collectors a little more than they already gouge themselves, but IDK.)

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