Using a TAP as Thread Boring Tool

Using a tap to cut threads?! I know, insane, right? But just you watch!

In a pinch you can use a littler tap of the right pitch to thread bigger bores than the tap was meant for.


  1. All is explained, I missed kindergarten that day.

  2. Even as a subscriber, I’m surprised to see this has made the “Trending” list on Youtube. Are there really that many machinists on here, or are people just that bored in lockdown? Either way, congrats! However I’m frustrated that I didn’t spot the hidden “SUBSCRIBE” message this time.

  3. Weirdly bike BB’s have been using 1.37″ x 24 TPI threads for around a century at this stage, so that unlikely size is surprisingly easy to get taps for. You have to watch for the odd manufacturer trying to sneak 1.75″ thread past quality control though…

  4. Useful……👍👍👍

  5. cool tip

  6. Men like external threads.
    Women like internal threads.
    Why is this so?

  7. TOT on trending!

  8. Almost did not make it through the fluff… but I hade confidence Old Tony would get to the point
    , and he did ……. finally. Thanks, I had not seen this presented before.

  9. Not sure about Amazon, but McMaster has 1″-24 taps. Not cheap, obviously.

    Yeah, I was surprised as well.

    Makes sense, though. I’ve seen bizarro-seeming threads like this in applications where, say, a pipe (or other cylindrical object) is threaded along its outside, and a collar threads up and down it, usually in a jam-nut sort of application. Cars with adjustable-height coilover suspensions use this sort of trick.

  10. 0:54, those are some really tiny hands 🧐

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