Usher: Tiny Desk Concert

This year, NPR Music is celebrating Black Music Month with an array of brand-new Tiny Desk concerts — both from home and from behind our beloved Desk. Together, these artists characterize the past, present and future of Black music. This month of conservatively curated shows is a jamboree of Black artists voicing themselves in ways we have never seen before, and of the Tiny Desk’s distinct way of showcasing that mastery.

Bobby Carter | June 30, 2022
“We celebrate Black Music Month. This has been Black magic.” More accurate words may have never been spoken behind the Tiny Desk as R&B goliath Usher caps off our month-long jamboree of Black music, highlighting a catalog chock-full of hits spanning 25 years. It is been over a couple years since NPR headquarters was abuzz with noisy talk of a fable in the building. After an early morning practice session for his set at the Something in the Water Festival in Washington, D.C., he made his way over to deliver a memorable performance.

Usher and his band, all dipped in black, set it off with an introduction over a funky horn-laced instrumental resembling a Blaxploitation flick. They keep that groove going right into a remodeled variation of his 1997 breakout single, “You Make Me Wanna…” Twenty-five years later, Usher sits arguably as the king of R&B. Between 2000 and 2010, there was no debate in any way, with his string of records that included the largest R&B album of the 21st century, Confessions.

What he’s done in the vocal kiosk is only one-half of his claim to stardom. The stage is where he’s continued to sparkle as he makes ready for the second leg of his Las Vegas residency. This loose and frisky set touches on his many professional career phases; the crooning, the profoundly personal, the club bangers and also the Tik Tok challenges signify that he could just be reaching his prime. Usher Raymond has entered the chat.

“You Make Me Wanna…”
“U Don’t Have to Call”
“Nice & Slow”
“Confessions Part II”
“My Way”

Usher: vocals
Eric Bellinger: vocals
Vedo: vocals
Dmitry Gorodetsky: bass
Lemar Guillary: trombone
Brandyn Phillips: trumpet
Jay Flat: saxophone
Darek Cobbs: keys
Erick Walls: guitar
Ryan Carr: drums

Producer: Bobby Carter
Audio Recording & Mix Engineer: Josh Rogosin
Director: Kara Frame
Editor: Michael Zamora
Series Creator: Bob Boilen
Videographers: Kara Frame, Joshua Bryant, Michael Zamora, Pierre Kattar, Alanté Serene
Production Assistant: Ashley Pointer
Tiny Desk Team: Suraya Mohamed, Marissa Lorusso, Hazel Cills, Jill Britton, Joby Tanseco, Maia Stern
VP, Visuals and Music: Keith Jenkins
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann

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  1. Man the way I used to be IN LOVE with this man😭😭😭😭 he is still so sexy and five!!! Raw talent! Vocals! Whew!!!!! Usher had his mic AWNNNNNN MKAY?!

  2. We aint gon never see a R Kelly tiny desk concert smh

  3. Philandra Jordan

    How do you get to go to Tiny Desk?

  4. Had to “Like” the whole video after they sung “SUPERSTAR” 🤌🏽😩💕

  5. This was so soothing and good to watch. I enjoyed every moment! Well done Usher and band.

  6. GOAT of his generation. He is just what music needs. Such a talented and humor brother. Keep giving us great music Usher.

  7. Usher is the best. He sounds amazing and looks great . He still looks the same after all these years .

  8. Oluwatobi Asekun

    Oh my gosh! Finally 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  9. This is even more amazing than I thought it’d be! From adding a horn section to the perfect transitions to having Vedo and Eric Bellinger as background vocalists, just PERFECT! This man’s voice isn’t aging at all either!!

  10. He chose the songs with the most versatile ranges and tones. Killed them effortlessly. Such a huge freaking flex!!

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