Use this Trick to Beat the 2014 10 Years of Clash Challenge! – Clash of Clans

Use this Trick to Beat the 2014 10 Years of Clash Challenge! Clash Bashing is back with the 2014 Challenge in Clash of Clans! Bash is going to show you how to beat this Penta LaLo TH10 assault using a fun trick with the lightning spells. Zapping out the queen sets up truly very well to 3 star this 2014 Challenge. Savor this 2014 TH10 Challenge Tutorial.

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  1. 948r8o

  2. Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    THANK YOU for this guide. Without it, I can barely get one star. Just returning to this great game, I remembered why I left, I absolutely suck at technical attacking

  3. Just Some Guy with Glasses

    I was struggling with this base but then I saw your video and then I crushed this and the 2015 base both at first try!

  4. Hey bro u look cool ma mann 😜
    Okay … I need a clan to join 👋❣️

  5. This is some BS. My queen goes around the top of the base EVERY TIME. Even if I clear the dark barracks!!

  6. 42 /1000 I know no on will read this, but if you could plz subscribe and wait for my new project soon wud aprpciate it m8 ty plz no h8

  7. Ur trending !!

  8. This IS NOT the 2014 clash thing for the game rn

  9. this is hard i can’t do it

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