USA vs China, The War You Can’t See

The US and China are battling a war. It is an irregular one that’s difficult to see.

The US and China are battling a war. It is an abnormal one that’s tough to see. It is being combated in government workplaces, in company boardrooms. And it is being combated over the most fundamental science on the planet: Microchips.

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  1. Thanks so much for watching! Be sure to visit to take the free live class – see you in the next video!

    • I like your research, please kindly make research on canzuk vs Brics…

    • Wild Cascadia Radio

      Please seek out and dig into
      Its in Riyadh
      It’s THE big brother we were warned about.
      Also be careful. They definitely had the juice to destroy me but I’m a nobody

    • Hey2 media, “Microchip/ Chip” is made by semiconductor (silicon, ETC.)
      but NOT every semiconductore are called/ NAMED “Chip/ Microchip” (example: Diode, transistor, etc.)

    • why did you call Taiwan a country when it clearly isn’t one

    • Taiwan is not a country, even America do not recognise them as a country.
      The Taiwanese president that was pushing for independence lost election because the Taiwanese people are more interested in stability and peace than Western backed independence that may lead to war against China.

  2. China would not have been thriving in their mix economy, so they’re only good at is copying the US.
    And this is why a lot of Chinese students come study in the US on a visa to find internship or a job in these semiconductor companies, and steal intellectual property.

  3. Yes my life depends on these bag of ruffles that is facts

  4. Ridiculous, the USA become super power by using its military power to kill/threaten other countries’ citizens and got richer. On the other hand, China got richer mostly by working harder. For example, the US citizens wanted to consume more than what they could produce. China used the opportunity and got richer. Now all these countries, not just only blaming China for growing faster but also trying to take credit by saying that their “technology support” helped China to grow faster

  5. always the best videos. i learned a lot again.

  6. If the US is trying to move production back home they will be able one day to no longer support Taiwan and then its over 🙈 btw as a German I see a lot of fab projects here too now. Governments and companies take the learnings from the chip crisis quite seriously.

  7. And there, Ladies and Gentlemen, we hae the real reason why the United States will defend Taiwan against China. It’s no more about freedon and Democracy than the Gulf War. It’s about ulterior motives and if Taiwan ends up being taken over by China and the CCP the United States stands to lose their bread and butter in the semiconductor industry. I’m not saying it’s a bad reason. They just need to be honest about it.

  8. Wojciech Radziwon

    Great video! Thanks

  9. Every Country with oil and microchips are by default protected by the USA

  10. Did Russia also steal US technology to build their supersonic weapon?
    This video is full of glitters (effects) but no gold (truth)
    It sad to watch Americans buying their own lies. Anyone who understand technology business will see the mistakes in the US chips policy.
    Advanced chips are overrated for now, and the Russia v Ukraine war is telling us a story about weapons and modern warfare.
    The US is importing engineers from China and this guy just said that “The Chinese will not be able to operate a chip factory in Taiwan if they invade and find chips in TSMC factory”
    Most of the chips that the Chinese are buying are for products that ends up in the West.

    I won’t be surprise if this video was scripted by a US government official.

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