USA Is Getting Worse At Baseball And MLB Loves it

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  1. The MLB is rigged and our star players wouldve been exposed if they played in games that couldn’t be manipulated.

  2. The Japanese are the best in baseball no way around it. It’s just the facts.

    Their pitching is amazing.

    And probably have the goat in ohtani.

    Then it’s Jeremy Pena then Mike trout.

    The best player In all of baseball is not American.

    Nor the best pitcher it’s between alcantara or julio.

    Usa invented this game but really their not the best.

    They always play home with all the advantages it’s not fair for the visitors. And still they lose.

    Mexico beat them twice in their own house in a baseball classic.

    And in 1 they did have their best alex rodriguez,Derek Jeter etc…

    So that’s just and excuse that they dont send their best in why they don’t win.

    Ultimately the Japanese would of won anyway again their pitching is simply superior. It’s just the facts like I said.

  3. theskinnieguinea (Justin Salce)

    The Americans aren’t getting worse. We don’t do well unless it’s for money…..i.e. Ryder Cup…..Americans don’t play well for pride of country. UFC 285 every fighter that won thanked their country displayed modicum of patriotism…….. Except the Americans

  4. Tht US lineup is great yes but the pitching staff will be our downfall. Definitely not good enough to keep some these lineups under control

  5. Yeah us americans don’t watch because we have the MLB.. better than any team in the wbc lol


  7. Wow not like Americans to be insular, ignore other nations and pretend they are world champions.

  8. I would love any kind of help from MLB here in Canada. My sons and I love baseball but Canada doesn’t. It’s hard to find stores that even carry equipment never mind decent equipment. You have to go online or get gouged. Training facilities are few and also expensive, the 4-5 months of decent weather also doesn’t help in playing/training. For a Canadian to ever reach MLB is like winning the powerball lottery. Regardless it’s a dream they want to pursue and I’ll do all I can for them.

  9. What’s your agenda with this channel? Can you start making a channel on why American football (NFL) doesn’t exist?

  10. People who smuggle Cubans out are heroes, not criminals.

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