US vs German Pliers (WIRE CUTTERS)? Knipex vs Snap On, Irwin, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Craftsman, Wiha

Are German-made pliers (WIRE CUTTERS) better than US made ? Knipex, Snap On, Mac Tools, Irwin, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Craftsman, Wiha, Klein Tools, C.S. Osborne, Channel Locks, Illinois Industrial Tool, Kobalt, Doyle, Southwire. Diagonal cutting pliers used for cutting through nails, screws, a drill bit and also a socket adapter. Tested for quality, durability, and effort essential to cut through material. I purchased all of the pliers and supplies used to test the pliers. Thanks for backing the channel!

Project Farm LLC


  1. US vs Germany and China wins

  2. All my hand tools are knipex and wera IMO the best stuff there is.

  3. Pats my 15 yr old Klein cutters on the head…good boy.

  4. i have channelock and snppy use channel lock the most snappy is heavier also have old sears made in usa i buy no foreign junk good tools last longer than a lifetime i still have my very first thorsen 3/8 set i bought revel true value hdwe in independence mo when i was in high school

  5. I my country pliers and wire cutters are very different tools.

  6. Here’s another video idea, the best cooler!! See which coolers hold ice in them the longest and stay cold longer.

  7. Fredrik Byström

    It’s a very structured test but how relevant is this? If the average grip strength is 100 pounds, testing things that require 150+ pounds isn’t what these tools are primarily designed for.

  8. the Project Farm brand did a very impressive job making these videos

  9. Now go get your next set of snap on pliers for free

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