US Banking Crisis: The Truth Behind The Disaster

Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and Silvergate bank have all collapsed throwing up a threat signs that something awful is going on in the economy. But what is the truth here? This is a tale of incompetence, a changing fiscal ecosystem and governmental lobbying.

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Producer: Dagogo Altraide
Researched by: Ruslan Pushkar
Edited by: Tanzim Uddin, Dagogo Altraide
Executive Producer: Tawsif Akkas


  1. Victim of ZIRP. Nothing else.

  2. SVB should have invested 50:50 in Long and Short term bonds

  3. socialism for the rich, hard core individualism for the poor

  4. thay are stuck because the robber baron banksters lobbied to be free of any losses

  5. If that bank gets bailed out we live in a country we’re tax payers are responsible for all the risk the ritch make to try to make more money and when there successful they get ritch if not we cover the loss. If Americans put up with that they’ll put up with anything well what the schools are teaching kids shows they will put up with anything. I think they are trying to test us and we should retaliate by boycotting the corporate world that goes by ESG scores.

  6. Biden’s bailing them out 🙁

  7. Why should these banks do their do dillegence, they get bailed out by us everytime they make bad desicuons. yes I can’t spell I know.

  8. Thanks Joe Brandon

  9. Small banks just like small farms and small business are being forced out.
    The big boys are easier to control then 1,000 little banks.

  10. Badly managed companies will fall, but they will take out good companies that made a poor choice of business relationship. FDIC covering 100% of SVB’s deposits will cost anyone with a bank account.

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