UPS Driver Collapses at Front Door From Severe Heat

As record-high temperatures continue across the country, there is a new concern for UPS delivery drivers. In Arizona, a UPS driver struggled to make it onto the front porch of a residence. He then collapses and lies down for a second to recuperate. The UPS employee leisurely gets back up and reaches for the doorbell before stumbling back to his non air-conditioned truck. UPS says the driver is fine, adding “our bundle delivery cars make frequent stops, making air conditioning ineffective.”


  1. Pioneer Mapping

    Worked in Phoenix for about 4 hours when the heat was 99-104 on a roof, even with cold water it was unbearable! Heat kills folks, be safe!


    The fact that UPS completely disregarded that man safety is sickening. Shame on them. They put profit over the welfare of the drivers and complain why they’re short of drivers.

  3. Look at them humans resolving this problem with more ac

  4. Damn drink water

  5. Hmmm yeah it’s not from the heat. We all know what’s really going on

  6. And it’s BROWN

  7. From extreme partying the night before?

  8. And then Brazil has the coldest winter on record, and Australia has a super cold winter. Why don’t they talk about that?

  9. Something in me tells me some part this was an act.. maybe I’m too cynical of the media. I can’t help but think he saw the ring doorbell and played up his exhaustion.

    I’m sure he was hot, and I’m sure that isn’t safe.

  10. as a past pool guy in Las Vegas… 5-10 min of cold AC and water when driving to your next house was amazing in 110 degree weather

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