Ups & Downs From WWE Summerslam 2019

Simon Miller with all the ups and downs from yesterday evening’s WWE Summerslam PPV.


  1. The update to app sucks. Old version was just fine

  2. Good! Brock isnt champ, can we keep it that way wwe?

  3. Christopher Jones

    7:40 You pointed up

  4. I hate set Rollins so much

  5. Loved Bray’s head lantern. Awesome. Some good matches. I was entertained. Disappointed by the Kofi vs Orton finish though. Styles Ricochet was great though.

  6. Australian Johnny Sins, Howa ya doing m8?

  7. This show was epic 😤💪🏼🥶

  8. Was it just me or was this just a bad ppv worst of the year

  9. I didn’t know Johnny sins did YouTube videos

  10. Nice to see Dolph Ziggler putting over young Goldberg

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