Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (May 20)

Simon Miller is back with his WWE RAW review as he discusses the new 24/7 Championship, Brock Lesnar treating the Money In The Bank briefcase like a boombox and the new look to WWE RAW.


  1. Stop the roids bruhh

  2. Anyone else find the Saudi Arabia front row disrespectful?
    Constantly standing up and looking towards the crowd instead of the ring….

  3. Rafael Antonio

    Did anyone pay attention to Heyman saying that he heard it on good “authority” that Rollins and Kofi were going to be busy tonight. Big clue that will come out down the road when Triple H fights with whoever’s title Brock steals at Wrestlemania At Sea ? ?

  4. Brown down for lesnar having the briefcase and a Golden up getting to hear Paul haymen talk again


  6. This is the most personality brock shown in a long time loved it

  7. Okay, can WWE stop trying to slogan everything? It just makes everything seem corny and unearned. The 24/7 Belt though looks like a great concept to bring back.

  8. Alisha Thompson Steel

    So u dont play the video huh booo

  9. I can’t wait till they let joe loose on that kid.

  10. I got the wwe network to watch raw only realise I can’t watch raw live on the network ?

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