unorganized minecraft thoughts

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It is a video clip that is wildly unorganized random thoughts about minecraft. I was kind of random about these minecraft thoughts but that is a okay in my opinion. I don’t have a boss! You can’t fire me!
I feel like you guys earned it.
There’s a part in the video where I screen cap the suggested page and trending page and there’s like TommyInnit and Jschlatt and JaidenAnimations in there so I guess you can see what the youtube algorithm wants me to watch. Very Pochamp.
I hope it makes you laugh at least once.
I made a highschool presentation about minecraft and I got a good grade but probably only because the teacher felt sorry for me.
I love the cozy minecraft rain and listening to it inside my house. It is so comfortable.
The Allay is the new minecraft mob that won minecraft live vote! I voted for the Allay because he is more helpful even though the copper golem was really cute.

thank you for watching ❤️


  1. SingleCentStudios.


    Because it might kinda suck

  2. Play deltarune

  3. @theblank ye

  4. For those with similar problems like those described in the video, you can adjust the mob sounds in your setting independently from your other sound settings, and the load stone that came out in 1.16 can be linked to a compass and placed anywhere you like. The linked compass will always point to that area. You can also make a map place a banner down and right click the banner with the map and it will be on your map. As for x-ray vision there isn’t anything in the game that can do that with being a glitch that can be patched later, but like mine is in the name my dude…

  5. DotNet // Newer Super Mario Maker

    Wait isn’t there a waypoint system allready?

  6. This is the first time ive actually watched a raid ad. Ice Cream Sandwich just makes everything enjoyable to watch

  7. XD that was the perfect segway to the ad. XD

  8. ok but the ideas at the end are terrible lmao

  9. 🙂

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