unlawful food concoctions

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I desired to look at what food mixtures you people would have that would get you thrown in jail. You were very open about your crimes. I tried some of the combinations and they weeerrreee SOMETHING.

Thank you for watching.



  2. try a grilled peanut butter and cheese sandwich , or if your not craving warm don’t grill it. use smooth and american cheese for the best taste. trust me YOU WONT WANT IT ANY OTHER WAY AGAIN, NO CAP. it honestly taste like what i expect America as a sandwich would taste like.

  3. @A banana named Henry ?

  4. The tuna water is good just don’t mistake it for oil packed.

  5. Eggie Go WEEEEE

    My weirdest combination to date was eggs, ketchup, sliced turkey, and three layers of bread. Made it when I was seven or eight, my stomach has never went through such a hell before ..

  6. Does Peepsie taste like diabetes?

  7. Literally mac n’ cheese sauce IS a bechamel with cheddar and mustard.

  8. taste like gamer
    meanwhile: lithium

  9. ChritlevGaming


  10. The other day I dipped an oreo in curry sauce because of pure curiosity (and to annoy my friends) and it was actually pretty ok

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