Universal healthcare bill fails to pass in California

A push to create the country’s only government funded universal healthcare system failed to get enough support in the California State Assembly on Monday.


  1. I spent two days in the hospital here in oregon recently for a baby stroke. After many tests, a gallon of blood to the lab and some pills. I was billed 75,000$. I’m glad I was able to walk in and out under my own power.. it could of cost millions..

  2. The only law that needs to pass in terms of healthcare is the mandatory publication of all procedure costs. Then we can have the lynch trucks down at the homes of doctors that don’t deserve to live in minutes.
    Or we can just go to a cheaper doctor until prices normalize, either would be fine.

  3. Class Punk - Censored by YouTube

    That sucks, I was hoping Democrats would screw the state up more to help wake people up to critical-thinking.

  4. Older Wiser Better

    I wish an earthquake would take California just push it into the ocean

  5. It’s only free for jobless drug users and illegals !

  6. must be a real doozy if these clowns won’t go for it…….

  7. This is somehow conservatives fault. I just know it

  8. Canada has the universal health care, so why can’t American have it? It’s no difference lmao

  9. Ok Democrats have majority in both house of Californian state Assembly and they could not pass the bill.But they want to pass similar bill in federal house and Senate because Californian will not have to incur the cost.

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