United States vs. Colombia Game Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

Team USA takes on Team Colombia in pool play!

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  1. Sergio Laurencio

    Wonder why all the good players were were not the international game, probably there is something we don’t know.

  2. Patrick Hutchison

    I’m really loving this tourney. The quality of play is so good, this thing is gonna continue to grow and grow.

  3. Now that’s a game I wish I watched man
    Columbia brought it
    Nice game

  4. Patrick Hutchison

    Great job by Trout of course, but great job getting on and base running by Mookie Betts.

  5. Trea Turner stinks on ice

  6. These are one game engagements…
    USA doesn’t have ACES, but they have relievers, while others have ACES. The USA is the underdog, GOODLUCK.

  7. Great game…gotta get turner outta there at short stop..2 errors in 1 game…unacceptable by us standards

  8. Can we talk about how cool it is seeing Mike trout play for a real team LOL dude is amazing but you barely notice cause the Angels are so bad.

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