Unfolding a New Let’s Play

Our partnership is complex.


  1. Big moment for Chugga. I’ve been around since the Firered days, man really doesn’t show himself, like EVER

  2. Who else thought sticker star?

  3. I havent watch a chuggaaconroy video in years. I left because I was older and didnt have time watch the new games. Life had change with me and so I moved on however Paper Mario is a series I will be watching again. In 09 I became a fan watching your super mario rpg Let’s Play and watch every Let’s Play up till I left and well it look like I will need you again one more time. Time revisit this again. This video is symbolic because how as people life changes and things move on but going back to the good old days helps bring back old memories and happier time.

  4. This was worth watching for a decade

  5. C’mon, Origami King wasn’t too bad! Sticker Star made nothing stick and Color Splash was…a little more tolerable.

  6. FinalLugiaGuardian

    There are two good Paper Mario games: Paper Mario and Paper Mario the Thousand Year door.
    That’s it. Every other Paper Mario game is crap.

  7. Invasion Animation

    Years since I heard from you!

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  10. I found Chuggaa through Paper Mario, back when TTYD was in-progress. I had found that one first, but I found the original Paper Mario LP after trying to find it done by the same person I had just watched do a part of TTYD (at that time I was too young to really understand how channels/YT subs worked) I’m so glad to see it return to the channel, I can’t wait to be able to watch episodes as they come out this time!

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