unending chocolate lifehack


  1. ✧珊珊愛看Keroro軍曹✧

    I thought the song is never gonna give you up

  2. رنرئؤيي

    تؤبءييىةييءيسءسضسؤبسسيءشسءءسسسثيءسسبابءششيؤءسثساوتفيءسنةساورءي ةلؤءيسششبةتالبييرايل

  3. fredgamerzz gaming

    Cutting with extra steps and useless spoon

  4. vesper from the internet

    bestie we already did this once

  5. あ!それ、チョコが無限に増える海外の奴じゃない?

  6. Smooth.

  7. The spoon is getting me nervous 😐 I MEAN- IT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE CENTERRRRRR

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