UNDERCOVER in Fortnite Murder Mystery with SypherPK!

100 participant Fortnite Murder Mystery with @SypherPK as the Selene skin!


0:00 Murder Mystery Rules
0:21 Round 1 – NickEh30 as Hunter (Harbor Location)
4:26 New POI (Frozen Ice Lake)
5:58 Round 2 – NickEh30 as Detective (Harbor Location)
8:59 New POI (Forest/Fridgeberg)
11:48 New POI (Anvil Square)


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  1. I haven’t been streaming so I could finish up these EHmazing videos, Eh Team, so thank you for understanding! Hope you guys are enjoying the love put into them!
    When Chapter 4 Season 2 releases this Friday, I’ll be grinding on stream the moment the servers go live!!

  2. It is very clever player. Very nice to see you.


  4. We can see that you definitely put a lot of effort into these videos, keep up the good work, can’t wait for more

  5. this vid was so good i liked it a lot

  6. What’s ur favourite cereal🥣

  7. I love u nick eh 30

  8. Alexei_Willison-Vlogs

    This was such a creative and fun idea to make a video on! Love the positive vibes, Nick! I hope you can do more of these types of videos with Sypher or other Fortnite YouTubers.

  9. Alexei_Willison-Vlogs

    I got out of Fortnite, but thanks to you, Nick, I’m still part of this community

  10. This is my favorite series! PLEASE make more murder mystery videos!

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