Undercover Boss Shuts Down Checkers Restaurant On The Spot

The CEO of Checkers and Rally’s eating places gets into a fiery confrontation with an impolite supervisor, and resolves to shut the eating place down on the spot!

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  1. Really like to know what happened to that young guy?
    I have one thing that stayed with me. My family owned a trash company. I met a guy in Baltimore city. We can call him major. He was selling drugs. For some reason we all got along. My best friend had a house off Lafayette and Gilmore not a nice place.
    Anyway I told major he could make more the $100 a day. He didn’t have to work 8hr if he hustled. Then I broke down how he never owned anything because the police will take it all.
    I know people like to think the police are good. I can tell you in Baltimore they are worse then armed robbers. In fact more then once they have stopped me picking up my workers and took money out of my wallet.
    Anyway Major learned everything I could teach him. He was a good employee. He then applied at Baltimore city they wouldpay for his CDL. He got a job working for the city. Last I heard he was a leader with 16 years in.
    I don’t go over that part of the city anymore. Like everywhere in that cesspool my best friend was murdered. Cleaning trash in front of his house. A guy throw trash Dicky said something to him. The coward shot Dicky in the stomach. Also Everyone one else I knew is dead.
    I like to believe God put me there to tell Major he didn’t need to die on them streets.He just needed a push.
    The lies Baltimore city government puts out are just lies. Of course they have removed most of the jobs in Baltimore unless you work for the city in a hospital or food service. All manufacturing is gone. But the jails are full.

  2. Regardless of the fact that this is likely staged, real GM’s like this one are out there ruining franchises and small businesses every day. Anyone can be called a manager, but to be a leader you must be loyal to your crew

  3. I hate scripted shows. Sure does make ppl look like fake assholes. Rick Silva is no longer the ceo of checkers and rallys he owns Culver’s. However, these employees know better and would act accordingly. I’ve never ever ever been in any work environment where someone has been disrespected and they haven’t quit or found a new job or told the employee or boss off. I get that you need a job. But put it this way. If I fire you today and the difference is finding a job by the end of the day or be homeless you bet your fucking ass you’ll find a new job even if it means going door to door to establishments and asking for a job. If you need a ceo and a fake script to show unrealistic working conditions for views you guys are fools and the ppl watching are just as much of suckers. I’ve worked for pizza hut for 2 years as a teen a year at gamestop a year at game crazy then a decade at ups. A year for a casino card distribution company ( I live in vegas) a marijuana cultivation for a year and a few months at foritto lay. (Pepsi Co.) Chips and drinks. I was disrespected there by co workers. We load carts for trucks in a warehouse so the trucks can deliver soda and chips to stores around town. I got the carts I needed for my daily task and had them lined up in my area and a couple co workers took them I confronted them about it and was disrespected and quit on the spot lol. And did ubereats during the pandemic and then rates went to shit so I found a regular job I now work at a marijuana dispensary. 😅 it’s not hard to find a job ppl you just gotta want it. Don’t ever work or go or entertain anyone or anything anywhere if you are being disrespected.


  5. “Gee. When you consider the fact that America got it’s financial ‘seed money’ off the backs of enslaved people, it’s no surprise that this is the style of management that built America.
    Honestly…it’s STILL building America.”

    “Flip side of that coin is,
    …it’s also very destructive to America.”

  6. Fake, owners know how to act when cameras are rolling , who watches and believes this

  7. Black “Black Leprechaun” Leprechaun

    Smart man, I feel for the guy who helps his mom , that was me , I can’t lose my job. .. this is what they do to everyone at every job I’ve worked for ..

  8. Crying but no tears and then Irate service manager that communicates calmly on film

  9. I want to know what happened afterwards? Does anyone know? UK🇬🇧

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